How does one know the right dosage for CBD

CBD is becoming more mainstream than it has ever been. So many people are now using it because of how beneficial it is to the human health.

CBD is the shortened term for cannabidiol, the second most common active ingredient in the hemp and cannabis plant. CBD is one of the over 150 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plan. Cannabidiol is not psychoactive, hence, it doesn’t cause a high sensation, intoxication or the munchies. However, the substance responsible for the high sensation is THC.

CBD is also very beneficial to the human health by treating various health diseases. These diseases may include; migraine, chronic pain, high blood pressure, Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis, skin inflammation, epilepsy, type 2 diabetes, brain health, heart conditions and insomnia and more about CBD and CBD Oils at

CBD is most especially credited with calm and relaxing sensation it gives and also how it relieves pain. Now, are you new to CBD or you’ve been using it but you’re not sure of the right dosage to take?

How does one know the right dosage for CBD

Here, we look at factors that affect dosage and the right dosage to take.

Factors that may affect CBD dosage

First of all, CBD is not addictive and there are no studies that show that you can overdose from its intake. Nevertheless, there are several factors that influence the amount of CBD we consume daily. Some of these factors are listed below;

  • Body chemistry: all our body differs through; genetics, age and sex. All of which affects the dosage of CBD to an extent.
  • Body size: weight affects the amount and frequency of CBD intake. The more you weigh, the higher the dose you need. A good way of calculating it according to your weight is by taking 1-6mg for every 10 pounds you more about CBD doses by clicking here
  • The illness: if the illness cannot be treated by CBD, then there is no need taking it. But if it is, the dosage will depend on the severity of the illness. The more severe, the higher the dosage.
  • The symptoms: symptoms have also been found to affect dosage especially for cancer patients.
  • The form in which the drug is being taken: There are several forms in which CBD can be taken and they include; lotion, coffee, cocktails, food, oil, pills and gummies. For oil, one tincture is usually the best quantity you can start with.

This goes far to tell us that, CBD dosage is individualistic in nature. So much so that, as your body changes, CBD dosage might either increase or decrease. The smaller the dose, the less effective it might be but it still depends on the above factors.

Finding the right dosage

Finding the right dosage is more confusing than it seems. Even the FDA and other medical practitioners have not been able to give a conventional directive on the subject. Hence, it is advisable to start small and go slow. After a while, you can then increase it and watch how it affects your body.

My personal advice will always be to ask for the right prescription, to avoid any health mishap. CBD is here to stay with its ever increasing status. Hence, try it out and watch your health take a turn for the better.