When we were living in Portland, one thing we loved was that each neighborhood kind of had it’s own little main commercial street with lots of vibrancy and activity, and the hub of each area would be a little locally run coffee house. It’s the third place concept, a public place you can go that isn’t your home, and isn’t your work, but that is still a place where you belong just as much and where you feel completely welcome to sit down and hang out and visit with friends or strangers.

We knew that Kearney was where we wanted to come back to to raise our kids. And with all the great things this place had to offer to us, we wanted to make sure that we were going to contribute something back to the community of Kearney. It was a no brainer to us that that was going to be the coffee house.

Our vision is that not only is this a place where you’re going to get great coffee and service, but that it’s a place where you can be you. Make new friends and connect more deeply with existing ones, share your talents with the world, and take some time to get out of your daily grind and live in the moment and place that you’re in right now. We want to make sure that Chapman Swifts is always going to be a big part of all the things that make Kearney so special.