Impress your guests with the best coffee and snacks this side of the Cascades. Just let us know what you want and when you want it, and we'll bring it to you. Call or stop in for more information. The possibilities are endless!


Employees are happier and more productive when they're properly caffeinated. Add some enrichment to your workplace, or treat your customers to, well, a treat... Sign up for coffee delivered to your business on a daily or weekly basis. Your choice of any of the roasts we have on hand, or let us surprise you!


  • Coffee - You brew
    • Fresh premium beans: $19.99/pound
    • Four or more pounds/week: $17.99/pound
  • Coffee - We brew for you 
    • 64 oz airpots: $17.99/pot
    • Four or more pots per week: $15.99/pot
  • Scone and Muffin tray (serves 20)
    • Scone and Muffin tray: $29.99/tray
    • Four or more trays per week: $24.99/tray

** Please add a flat $2 delivery/pickup charge each day anywhere in Kearney, or drive through on your way to work and we'll have it ready for you. Call or stop by for more details.