Our motto at Chapman Swifts is Drink Different. Traditionally, coffee shops try very hard to make sure that their drinks taste exactly the same every time they serve them. They focus on consistency and they’ll often offer a signature blend. We take a completely different approach. 

Humans need variety in our lives to thrive. If you’re having the exact same experience every day, eating the same food, drinking the same drink, what is the point? We serve coffees that are single-origin. That means that every bean in a certain bag comes from the exact same farm or co-op and has a flavor that is distinct. And we rotate through different batches all the time, so you are going to taste something very different from week to week or sometimes from day to day. 

So many people think that coffee is just coffee, but when you taste a genuine single-origin coffee from, say, Brazil, next to one from Sumatra, there are flavors and smells that are completely different. We get our beans from some of the best small-batch roasters in Portland, which has really kind of become the world capital of specialty coffee roasting. Instead of trying to make these coffees taste a certain way, these guys let the uniqueness of the coffee dictate how they roast it so that the best natural flavors are accentuated.

Variety is the spice of life. At Chapman Swifts you’re always going to get incredible service and flavor every time, but we’re also going to go that extra step and find ways to enhance your coffee experience and enrich your day in the process.